Custom Creations
Custom Engagement Rings

A one-of-a-kind relationship often deserves a one-of-a-kind ring. Designing a custom engagement ring couldn’t be any easier at Alexander’s Jewelers. If you’re interested in the custom design process, Contact Us . A custom engagement ring can be anything from selecting something we have in our showcases and making small changes to suit your style, to creating something completely like no other.

Custom Jewelry Design. The Perfect Alternative.

Alexander’s Jewelers works with today’s top designers whose designs range from contemporary and traditional to the outrageous and bold. And, chances are good, you’ll find something right in our showroom that will fit your taste and budget. But, there’s nothing like creating something uniquely you. If you’ve inherited some jewelry (or purchased jewelry long ago) that is simply not your style, or you no longer wear anymore, it’s time to consider taking those pieces and creating something you will cherish and wear for a lifetime! You may want to make some small custom design changes that will simply freshen it up. Or, you may feel it needs restyling. The point is, custom jewelry design is the perfect alternative to make something old, new again, or to start from the very beginning and let your inspiration run wild!

From Start to Finish.

Designing a piece of jewelry is an extraordinary experience. From start to finish, we’re going to make the process as easy as possible. It starts with getting to know you. Your likes and dislikes and your vision. We want to really get to know you so that the piece we create together reflects your personality and style. Every piece of custom designed jewelry at Alexander’s Jewelers is considered a work of art. A piece that we hope you will not only cherish, but one that might be passed down for generations.

At Alexander’s Jewelers, we will work with you to bring your vision to completion.

Custom Design Jewelry FAQs

  • I love the idea of designing something one-of-a-kind, is it affordable?

    Custom jewelry design does not necessarily mean it will be more expensive. It all has to do with the complexity of the design and the amount of precious metal and number of gemstones you’ll be using. If you’re restyling a piece you already own and using the existing gemstones, it can be very affordable. In that case, it’s far more prudent to restyle a treasured heirloom or jewelry you simply no longer wear. When we sit down with you, we’ll be discussing not only the design itself, but we’ll always provide an estimate of costs.

  • I’m really not very creative. Can I leave the design totally up to you?

    Of course! But, we’ll want to get a clear vision of your likes and dislikes. An easy way to help in the process is to go through fashion magazines and tear out some looks that you love. Pinterest is also a great area for inspiration, so take some screenshots and bring them in or share pins with us.

  • I saw a design and want you to create it. Can that happen?

    We will never copy a design. Designs from another designer are covered by copyright laws and are considered the designer’s intellectual property. Looking at the design will, however, provide us with a greater understanding of what you’re looking for and will help us provide you with something truly one-of-a-kind and special!

  • Is custom work refundable?

    Unfortunately, no. Custom designed jewelry involves metal, gems, and labor furnished for a specific client. Custom jewelry is non-refundable and requires a 50% non-refundable deposit before the final work begins. Full payment upon receipt of custom work will happen upon your complete satisfaction.

  • Okay, I’m ready. What should I do next?

    Let’s set an appointment! Contact Us and we’ll get a convenient time scheduled! Or, feel free to call us at (903) 832-3557. Whatever is best for you!