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  • Exceptional friendly, providing great help and solutions. I will be back ! Thanks so much.!

    -Heike Schemmel-Cruz

  • Love Alexander's. Best place for jewelry. Staff is the best. Always very helpful.

    -Tami Westfall

  • Took a piece very special to me - wanted to create a new piece while keeping the uniqueness of it ... Alexander’s was able to do it for me ❤️

    -Chaska Martin

  • They always have the perfect gift for that once in a lifetime moment. Customer service at its finest! Thank you for always making a special occasion last forever.

    -Billy Whitt

  • I have been friends with Jerry for 42 years. He is the best and will always be my jeweler.

    -Ben Tinsley

  • Hi, I just wanted to thank the staff there for being so kind and helpful to my dad. He's done nothing but brag on your staff and the beauty of your store. Thanks again for helping him get his Rolex taken care of! Lol you have a customer for life now!

    -Cheryl Grider McCullough

  • Long story short.. there was a ring that belonged to my Nanny which was my favorite piece of jewelry she had ! She promised it would be mine when i got older. While it was being held , it ended up in the hands of someone else, who i believe sold for it for next to nothing and has always bothered me.
    Fast forward , I showed Morgon Smith a photo once of what this rings looked like. He, along with the help of Alexander's Jewelers re-created it ! It looks just like the one she had and I am so happy to have this ring and to be able to pass down to Stella !
    Click to see the ring pics

    -Jennifer McClendon Smith